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PS Privette

CEO, Producer and Curator 

Award-winning producer is known for combining emerging technology and trends with sustainability to create stand-out and original productions.  Her diverse professional career experiences have allowed her to easily adapt and excel in many industries, allowing her the foresight to merge technology with fashion in a new way and deliver it to a broad audience.  

With a keen understanding of the latest trends and the ability to marry and employ multiple disparate concepts, she keeps hiTechMODA production and events ahead of the status quo. She quickly moves the company to the forefront of the industry.  

Fashion Production Platform of the Year 2022

Modern CEO Award 2022

Brenda Jameson

Vice President of Operations

With a wide range of experience in numerous fields,  Brenda brings an arsenal of business and organizational skills, her creative mind, and her love of technology to the fashion world. She has been with hiTechMODA since 2019. 

Our Team 

Michael Bazer- HitechModa_edited.jpg
Michael Bazer

Casting Director

Barbara Smith

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

Rachel Dorman .jpg
Rachel Dorman

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

Jose Laracuente

Marketing Director

Assistant Producer Paris Season 1

Liz .jpeg
Elizabeth Sollazzo

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

Shaylin Castro.jpg
Shaylin Castro

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

Omaya La Bella

Co-Producer - Orlando 2022

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

Harriet Washington.jpeg
Harriet Washington

Show Producer - NYFW Season 8 - Sept 2022

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